Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Balise et contre-balise.

Tag and counter-tag.

In keeping with the jeu du jour, I shall respond to Duchess Loch Avie's notice that I have been selected to provide eight random facts about my typist. Here are those facts, in no particular order:

1. Like Loch Avie, I have a Bacon number, but I can claim one less degree of separation: I was filmed during the U2 tour during which Rattle and Hum was created (one of many in the crowd, to be blunt). Bono in turn was in some nearly-unknown project called 'Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten' with Matt Dillon. Matt Dillon was in Loverboy with Mr Bacon himself. Thus, my Bacon number is 3. If one were to count non-film connexions, then I have a Bob Hope number of 1, a Gillian Anderson number of 2 ... and an Eva Bellambi number of 5 (via Bono, Hector Elizondo, Julie Andrews, and then the opera star in Eva's post).

2. My avatar's name is based on those of Saint Nicholas, and my daughter. For a brief time early on, I tried to model Kate after my other favourite Kate, Ms Winslet, but the effect was not ideal.

3. My secret vice is vanilla ice cream. Don't tell a soul.

4. Quite unintentionally, I have seen a walrus with an erect member.

5. I am fascinated by language. I studied French in college (not as a major, just a sideline). French, however, is not terribly useful in day-to-day life in the Colonies, and my skills have waned. I have taught myself some roughly-useful Spanish, can make sense of some Italian, and forgot quite a bit of German. I have studied Latin (mainly mediƦval/ecclesiastical, versus classical) and have read "The Cat in the Hat" in that august tongue. I belong to an on-line group of Anglo-Saxon scholars (professional and amateur). I can read Russian, Greek, and at one point, Hebrew ... though by read I mean make the noises, without knowing terribly much of what I'm saying. I have several historical linguistic texts on my bookshelf which have been read for fun and not necessity, or grades.

6. I was in high-school band, and went to band camp ... but did not have any un-natural congress with any instrument.

7. Confessio: While I understand that a particular web-based comic, Girl Genius, is nearly required reading for us steampunk Caledonian types, I have not been able to enjoy it. It had so much potential, I thought, but the anime-style visuals and faux German accents are distracting, there are more non-sequiturs per unit time than Douglas Adams (RIP) could have written, and then my top complaint: the protagonist, a Mad Scientist (again, with so much fantasy role-model potential) is drawn as quite the Amazon, with a preternaturally-small waist against an improbably-sized bosom, with androgenised musculature to boot.

8. While being given to methods of Logic, Science, and Reason, I have experienced one ... event ... which can not be properly explained by those disciplines, and must remain in the mystical or spiritual realm. I shan't go into further detail.

Now then: I have discovered that nearly anyone that I could name to bring into this game has already received a tag, I shall stop here, and hope that the reader has garnered some enjoyment from this exercise.

Be reassured that with the next issue of the Proceedings we will move out of this area of 'soft' social-science discussion, and back to Actual Scientific Content, not that there is anything wrong with the former.

I remain, &c,

Kate Nicholas, FRS


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Grafinya Kate,

Perhaps if I were to give you textual summaries of the histories? The Professors Foglio are, after all, writing for the non-Transylvania-Polytechnic-masses.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Postscript: I need to confirm this, but I believe the script you were so kind to give me has no-mod permissions set. I shall drop a note in-world after I look again. ~KW

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

What excellent facts about yourself! Thanks for taking the time away from the hard science.


Hotspur O'Toole said...

Here's an odd fact, Miss Nicholas. If you mean Matt Dillon, the actor (in the recent Factotum, among many others), then you and I have a Bacon connection. Matt Dillon is (really really) my second cousin, on my mother's side.

Yrs Most Respectfully,


Hypatia Callisto said...

"Confessio: While I understand that a particular web-based comic, Girl Genius, is nearly required reading for us steampunk Caledonian types, I have not been able to enjoy it."

I share your thoughts! :D Especially about the faux accents - these drive me especially batty, given that I hear English spoken by Germans on a daily basis ... I can barely understand what they are saying. It's difficult for my poor brain, which wants to think of how Germans speak in a very different way :)

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Callisto,

Heh, who ever said they (I presume you mean the Jägerkin?) were German? I myself am from Transylvania - German is merely our lingua europa.

Would it help you at all to think of it as having had an extremely localised translation?


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron