Monday, 19 March 2007

Sloth, and a Few Other Deadly Sins.

(sloth). *

Several patrons, as well as others, have noted a conspicuous tardiness of entries from the Mainland Expedition, as well as other notifications from the Society.

That, dear reader, is solely my fault. Mea culpa.

The liturgical calendar is now in the penitential season of Lent, so it is altogether fitting that I air out my shortcomings.

The Mainland Expedition has been proceeding, albeit more slowly, and there are two entries forthcoming, one by Prof. Krogstad alone. We have uncovered a number of rather interesting settings and inhabitants, which the reader will no doubt delight in discovering.

I thank you for your patience, and hope you will not think less of me for my lassitude.

Luxuria (extravagance; later, lust).

Despite my lack of missives, I have accomplished something recently. Apart from the work with Callipygian Christensen on her portrait exhibition, I have been able to remodel the Society offices, and add a new product or two.

First, may I present the Nellie Plush Toy for your amusement. Nellie, as you recall, is the daughter of the water-beastie in Port Caledon. The photographic record of the Society's Loch Avie Expedition provided a wealth of evidence with which to construct a souvenir toy commemorating the adventure. The eioch uisge ("water horse") is available in a table-top size, as well as a larger version suitable for placement in one's herb garden, say. The beastie comes with faux steam and a sound effect reminiscent of the expedition.

-~< >~-

Next, I have been crafting some eye-wear. I admit that this was initially for personal use (superbia; pride), but due to requests, I have placed these in the Society offices for sale.
The ├Žsthete will find the spectacles to offer a smart, learned look, in addition to a clarity of vision that so many academicians find essential. The glass is tinted a refreshing light blue, a shade that will be complimentary to any outfit.

-~< >~-

On the other hand (or perhaps, the opposite side of the same hand), the scientist will exclaim "INDESPENSABLE!" upon seeing these laboratory goggles. These are constructed of treated leather over platinum wire, and the lenses tempered against fracture, pitting, and corrosion from the abuses likely found in one's laboratory or work-shop. Aficianados of the steampunk ├Žsthetic should find these goggles to be just the thing to arouse one from one's state of fashion stupor.

-~< >~-

The astute reader will note the steam engine in the background of the spectacles advertisement. This device is for sale at the Society offices (simply exit the back door), and further such implements of industry are forthcoming.

-~< >~-

Finally, the reader is directed to roam about all four levels of the newly re-designed offices. Hatshepsut's mummy and sarcophagi (yes, plural) remain on display; various pieces of laboratory equipment may be found on the third level; and, the as-yet-unidentified artifact from a Bronze Age dig in the Levant is resting up there as well. Prof. Krogstad's work on this item continues, and he promises that he will have an article about it in the next issue of the Proceedings.

Ira (wrath).

In conclusion, dear reader, I pray that you will not fall in to a wrathful temper as you await further missives. My extra-Societal activities seem to be held in check for the moment; Prof. Krogstad swears that he is working on divers projects; and despite Ms. Bellambi's acquisition of the Duchy of Loch Avie and elevation to the role of Duchess, Her Grace remains a vigourous supporter of the Society.

Please contact me if you have concerns, and certainly, if you have any suitable article for the next issue of the Proceedings. Most importantly, thank you, dear reader, for your ongoing support of the Royal Society.

* The Seven Deadly Sins are as follows: Luxuria, Gula, Avaritia, Acedia, Ira, Invidia and Superbia. The specific nature of each is left as an exercise to the reader.

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Edward Pearse said...

It's nice to see an update coming across the aether. I look forward to seeing additional ones on occasion.