Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy new year. Also: a new issue of the Proceedings.

On behalf of the entire Society, I would like to wish all of our supporters a Happy New Year. And personally, I will extend thanks to our fellows (Mme. Bellambi, Mr. Krogstad) and our members, who have greatly advanced both scientific knowledge as a whole, and the Society in particular.

We have released the latest (actually the first, for those keeping count), issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society. One may obtain a copy at the offices of the Society in Tamrannoch, Caledon.

Of particular interest is Mme. Bellambi's work on documenting the history surrounding the newly-discovered aquatic animal that has taken up residence in Loch Avie. Thanks to Her Grace, Duchess Flasheart, the Society was given free rein to survey the Loch, with particular attention to the beast, who has been dubbed "Nellie."

One may expect a display of the results of the expedition at the Society offices in the forthcoming days.

I am looking forward to the new year, and towards an increase in the scholarly activity of the Society. Abstracts of scientific work may be submitted to me at any time, for publication in future issues of the Proceedings.

I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming endeavours, and I await the many outstanding achievements that are, no doubt, to come from the Society.


Kate Nicholas, F.R.S.

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Mister Nizz said...

Miss Nichols:

Please allow me to extend a congratulatory note on an excellent proceedings as well as a very well written and disciplined scientific journal. It was a pleasure meeting you at recent Caledon social events.

Very Repectfully,
Your Servant

Hotspur O'Toole
Recent Visitor to Caledon
and newly an Immigrant to these Lands.