Friday, 12 January 2007

An expedition to the Mainland.

Your president has learned of a planned expedition (or rather, a series of expeditions) to the Mainland, spurred on by our benevolent ruler Mr Shang, and his interest in promoting the advancement of geography, anthropology, and the allied fields.

On behalf of the Society, I have offered its assistance with these plans for exploration, and am anxiously awaiting word from Mr Shang as to what we may bring to bear for the success of these travels.

No doubt, those members of the Society with an interest in cartography, scientific illustration, and comparative anthropology will wish to volunteer their services.

The Royal Society for the Advancement of Knowledge in the Natural Sciences looks forward to this opportunity to serve the greater good of exploration, and to promote our fair nation in the process.

I shall forward more information as it becomes available.


Kate Nicholas, F.R.S.

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